Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My book

The book I am reading is lost and found, it is about two little boys that are twin brothers.  The thing about these twins is that they don't like being twins.  They don't like people thinking of them as a whole, they want to be though of as one person and apparently they were also determined to be though of as one person. The twins would scheme their way out of school by having only one of them going to school at a time and because their twins people couldn't tell the difference between them, one day after another the twins would take turns alternating who went to school. Another scheme they came up with is they were going to the mall but they didn't want their friends to find out that they were twins so they had one of them wear his regular clothes and the other one wore his regular clothes too but he also put on glasses and a baseball cap so that if people seen them they wouldn't notice that they're twins. They were a good distance from their parents too because they also didn't want people to know that they were with their parents

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