Monday, February 29, 2016

Blog two perspective

I'm standing in the crowd waiting for them to call the first name. Then suddenly I hear it "prim Everdeen" I get a feeling in my stomach and I feel like I'm about to cry i look at Katniss my older sister right away she's screaming and crying this feeling that I have in my stomach won't go away and then Katniss screams I volunteer I volunteer as tribute I start to cry and scream no because I don't want my sister to have to go to the games then suddenly I feel the strong arms of Katnisses friend gale grab me and take me away

Blog 4 Katniss and me

I think that Katniss is brave for volunteering for her sister because that says a lot about a person. I think that family always comes first and if your willing to die for your little sibling then you are a good person in my eyes. I think that Katniss is very skilled and that she could win the games she might not think it but she can.

Blog 7 HG chapters 16-1

i really liked these chapters because Katniss is finally trying to attack the career tributes.
I also really liked these chapters because of rue. She is really smart and nice and she knows how to survive and even though she's only 12 she still survived this long in the games.
Now that Katniss got the bow and arrows he chances of winning are very high and I actually think that she is going to win. I think that rue is going to be taken out by one of the careers because I don't think that Katniss would be strong enuff to kill rue.

Friday, February 26, 2016


the setting is important because the whole idea of the hunger games is death and they want other people to win the games instead of the career tributes every time so it might make the games more interesting 

If the hunger games were in a different setting then it might not be wasps that are on the branch it might be a different type of advanced weapon 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blog Five

Dear mr.snow I think that you are an abomination to this world. What kind of sick person does it take to take people from their family's lock them in an arena and brutality murder eachother for your entertainment. How would you feel if you were taken from your family at such a young age and be forced to go kill people. Yeah that's what I thought you wouldn't like it would you so stop making people go kill eachother for your entertainment and stop the hunger games.

Friday, February 19, 2016


The outfits that we wear express what kind of person we are because if your a happy and up eat person your gonna wear a lot of colors and if your a quiet person that doesn't like to be noticed your gonna not wear a lot of colors. Clothes tell people weather your cool or lame.clothes have so much power in people's minds because people want to look good. We wear certain clothes because we think that they look nice or cool. The school tells us what clothes mean because if you wear a certain color it's considered gang related

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blog One: Hunger Games Intro.

In the Hunger Games i have mad respect for Katniss because she basically gave up her life to save her sister. It sends a strong message about family. I feel bad for the people in district 12 because I would hate to be poor and have to hunt illegally for food and to have to take care of my family at such a young age.